Counseling and Coaching Dedicated to Hope and Healing 

Welcome to Soul Space! Something has brought you here. You may want to achieve higher levels of performance or maybe you're just trying to be your best self. Either way, there's a step you need to take, first to get there. It might be healing from old wounds or maybe you just need to clear your mind of junk. But the word therapy makes you cringe.

So let's consider this a super-charged partnership.


Aided by our education and experience, and driven by our passion for people, we partner with you to provide support in all the areas where you may need it. Together we process old stuff and work on what's happening currently. We provide counseling and coaching through a partnership because we enjoy meeting people where they're at. Plus, we like coloring outside the lines.

So let's color. Since these relationships are meant to be profound, we would love to meet you - in person or over the phone - so that we can make sure we're the right match.


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Feeling worried all the time, gripped by sadness, experiencing pandemic-related stress? 

*Due to COVID stay-at-home practices all services are currently provided online​


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